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Example of Stories of Injustice teaching manual
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JSNS Film Clubs Guidelines
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Legally screen free documentary films in school. Use activities in lessons and get involved in our projects which will enrich your classwork.

  • 4 000+ taking part

  • 350+ films with teaching materials

  • 21 years of experience

What is JSNS?

Educational programme JSNS (OWIS – One World in Schools) is one of the educational programmes of the People in Need organization. Since 2001, we have helped educate responsible young people, who are getting their bearings in today’s world, to approach information in an open and critical manner. They are not indifferent; they want to make a difference, and they also want to have an influence on events around them.

Our learning materials respond to the situation in society as well as current challenges facing this country and the world. We place special emphasis on the practical applicability of our materials. Consequently, everything is produced in cooperation with teachers. Teachers and pupils in more than 3,900 primary and secondary schools work with JSNS materials.

Using films, discussions, and learning activities, we bring important topics and specific stories into schools. We focus on human rights, modern Czechoslovak history, media education, and many other subjects.

We provide teachers with an attractive form of audio-visual lessons, documentary films, and methodological materials that are available online at our website JSNS.CZ. Individual lessons are focused on topical subjects in today’s world (human rights, development issues, civic engagement) and on modern Czechoslovak history. All of this is free-of-charge and legal.

Registration with the website is free for teachers and students in the Czech Republic.


And what do we do exactly?

See the Projects page.


Possible international cooperation

JSNS actively seeks after partners for future cooperation. We are open to various types of cooperation with different partners, for example non-governmental and non-profit organisationseducational institutions or film festivals. We are able to lead large-scale projects aimed on sharing our experiences with usage of documentary film in formal and informal education. In this case JSNS helps the partner organisation to develop an education material, train teachers how to use the materials, establish film clubs or support young active people in their activities. We are also ready to participate in projects that are proposed by potential partners according to their relevance to JSNS mission. For more information contact our coordinator


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