We are dedicated to the following projects:

  • Stories of Injustice

    • A Month of Films in Schools

    • Stories of Injustice Award

    • From the Place Where We Live (Z místa, kde žijeme)

    • Against the Loss of Memory (Proti ztrátě paměti)

  • Who Else? (Kdo jiný?)

    • Team projects

    • Gratias Tibi

    • Student elections

    • Looking for a LeaDr. (Hledá se LeaDr.)

    • Film clubs

  • School screenings as part of the One World festival

  • The Story of My Family (Příběh mojí rodiny)

  • Polls and surveys



  • Stories of Injustice

Using documentaries and feature films as well as other aids for teaching history, we acquaint primary and secondary school students with modern Czechoslovak history. Read more (pdf, 2,08 MB).

  • Film clubs

We offer secondary school students the option of setting up a film club and legally screening documentaries for their fellow pupils free-of-charge. 

  • Kdo jiný? (Who Else?)

We assist young people in taking an active approach to societal events, e.g. in the form of team projects where students themselves deal with a local problem or help out in their own town or village.

  • Student elections

Before the real elections in the Czech Republic, we organise simulated elections for students older than 15 years of age. Young people try out organising elections and expressing their opinions in student votes.

  • One World Festival – school screenings

Within the framework of the One World International Human Rights Film Festival, we offer morning screenings that are specially adapted thematically to pupils’ ages.

  • Gratias Tibi  Award

We present the Gratias Tibi Award to young people who have changed the world around them for the better. 

  • Proti ztrátě paměti (Against the Loss of Memory)

Every year in June, in the form of happenings, discussions, and film screenings we remind people of the victims of the communist regime and the value of freedom.

  • Seminars

We organise courses accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports for teachers who want to teach their pupils using documentary film.

  • Polls and surveys

We want to understand the pupils and students for whom we prepare our projects. That’s why we commission surveys that examine the lifestyle of young people as well as their attitudes and opinions.


Following the Czech example, One World in Schools has also been operating abroad for eight years (in Slovakia, Poland, Estonia, Romania, Germany, Lebanon, Georgia, Mongolia, Moldova, Armenia, Iraq, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Kosovo).