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Human Rights

Throughout the twenty years of its existence, JSNS (OWIS) has been actively involved in human rights education. We use our documentaries and audio-visual lessons to draw attention to human rights violations both at home and abroad. Our materials bring to the table topics such as extremism, racism, the LGTBQ community, national and ethnic minorities, and life under undemocratic regimes.

Despite ongoing efforts to uphold fundamental human rights, the rights of individuals and groups around the world continue to be violated. At present, it is absolutely essential for us to support people and groups who find themselves in war situations, or who are facing persecution, bullying, or imprisonment for their views or activities in countries with repressive regimes.

Thanks to the support of the Norwegian Funds, we are able to prepare a number of human rights education activities for teachers and students across the Czech Republic to be realised during the coming two years. They include:

Take a look at the photo gallery from the introductory information meeting on the LP-HRMGSA-046 project.

JSNS – Human Rights Education through Audio-Visual Materials.

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