Device Free Dinner

  • Večeře bez mobilu
  • 2017
  • 1 min.
  • titulky
  • 13—18 let
Audio-visual lessons

Lesson objectives

  1. Warn against an unhealthy relationship with technologies.
  2. Value face to face communication and family time.
  3. Be able to reduce the time when we use digital technologies.

Family dinner - an important time to build relationships with our relatives. However, the traditional institution of family has been changed because of the influence of technologies. This funny TV commercial shows how we are manipulated and distracted by devices and how, instead of talking to our children, we write e-mails to our colleagues. 
The #DeviceFreeDinner attempts to point out that technologies around us are stealing more and more of our attention during family time.

Recommended age group

13—18 years

Thematic area

Cizojazyčné lekce


Angličtina / English

Teaching materials

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Online vs Offline

Activity / B1 + / 45 min

Students will: 

  • Practise reading comprehension and speaking 
  • Think about the amount of time they spend online
  • Become better aware of the consequences of phone addiction

Family dinner

Activity / A2+ / 45 min

Students will: 

  • Revise family members vocabulary
  • Practise describing a picture
  • Think about the importance of time spent with family 

Jak na reflexi emocí po filmové projekci

Informational texts

  • proč je důležité pracovat s emocemi, které film v žácích vyvolal
  • základní metody reflexe: Jedno slovo, I.N.S.E.R.T., Pětilístek

Jak pracovat s audiovizuálními materiály

  • instruktážní film
  • rady a doporučení
  • manuál
  • obecné aktivity

Accompanying and recommended materials

Addiction infographic

A picture portraying the data about phone (device) addiction.

Why Device-Free Dinners Are a Healthy Choice

A short article about eating without devices.