In Real Life

  • Ve skutečném životě
  • Beeban Kidron
  • Spojené státy
  • 2017
  • 2 min.
  • titulky
  • 12—21 let
Audio-visual lessons

Lesson objectives

  1. To think about the causes and consequences of hate speech in online space
  2. To realise the danger of hate speech
  3. To understand the impact of one’s behaviour

“All Muslims are terrorists.” “Homosexuality is a disease.” “You are the weirdest kid in school.” Comments like this that are common on the internet are said by real people. Do they know how the victims feel, though? This spot shows how anonymous comments affect real people. Would we really say something like that to a stranger in the street? Shouldn’t the rules on the internet be the same as in real life?

 Tato lekce je k dispozici i v české verzi.

Recommended age group

12—21 years

Thematic area

Výuka jazyků


Výuka angličtiny / English

Teaching materials

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Hate Speech

Activity / A2+ / 45 min

Students will

  • Discuss and present their ideas in English
  • Realise the causes and consequences of hate speech 
  • Think about how to react to hate speech posts

Questions and Answers

Informational texts

  • hoaxes
  • hate speech and its victims
  • defence and consequences of HS 

UPDATED: How to reflect on emotions after the film screening

Informational texts

  • Why is it important to reflect on emotions?
  • Basic methods of reflection
  • From reflection to discussion

Jak pracovat s audiovizuálními materiály

  • instruktážní film
  • rady a doporučení
  • manuál
  • obecné aktivity

Teaching with documentaties: Methodological handbook

Handbook containing a collection of comprehensive activities designed for teaching with documentaries, along with the OWIS theoretical framework for English lessons.

Accompanying and recommended materials

No Hate Speech Movement

Strategy and Plan od action on hate speech

Strategy and Plan od action on hate speech

Hate speech and other important terms and questions defined by the United Nations

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