Black Sheep

  • Black sheep
  • Ed Perkins
  • Velká Británie
  • 2018
  • 27 min.
  • titulky
  • 15—21 let
Audio-visual lessons

Lesson objectives

  • To realise the fear in which people who are the target of hate attacks live
  • To reflect on how easy it is to be influenced by the opinion of others
  • To discuss racism and xenophobia

"It could have been one of you," the mother of Cornelius Walker and his brother lamented during a television report on the murder of a 10-year-old boy. It is the year 2000 and a family of Nigerian immigrants is leaving London. They hope to find a safe haven and a peaceful life in Essex, England. However, as it soon turns out, the atmosphere of the small town is ruled by a gang of racists. The scars that xenophobia and violence leave on a child's soul are told with chilling power in the film by the real Cornelius. The Oscar-nominated docudrama also asks the question of how far a person can go in his desire for acceptance.

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Recommended age group

15—21 years

Thematic area

Výuka jazyků


Výuka angličtiny / English

Teaching materials

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Roots of Hatred

Activity / B1/B2 / 60 min

Students will: 

  • practise writing a short text (message)
  • realise that hate speech or extremist attitudes have their roots
  • understand that hateful attitudes are primarily fostered by fear, lack of information and desire to belong somewhere

It is said... but is it true?

Activity / B1/B2 / 60 min

Students will: 

  • practice the passive (“to be said”)
  • discuss their ideas based on an authentic material
  • understand that general statements about a group of people never apply to all its members

Questions and Answers

Informational texts

  • racism and its origin
  • problems stemming from racism and what are their solutions
  • more information about the protagonists

UPDATED: How to reflect on emotions after the film screening

Informational texts

  • Why is it important to reflect on emotions?
  • Basic methods of reflection
  • From reflection to discussion

Jak pracovat s audiovizuálními materiály

  • instruktážní film
  • rady a doporučení
  • manuál
  • obecné aktivity

Teaching with documentaries: Methodological handbook

Handbook containing a collection of comprehensive activities designed for teaching with documentaries, along with the OWIS theoretical framework for English lessons.

English activities for teaching with documentaries

Informational texts

A set of activities generally applicable to working with film in English classes

Accompanying and recommended materials

„I didn't know if I wanted to be black or white“: my life between worlds.

A Guardian interview with Cornelius Walker (the main character).

Shortcut: Black Sheep lesson plans

Engaging lesson plans created by our partner organisations within the Shortcut project.

Amnesty International

Organization dedicated to the protection of human rights at the international level.

HateFree Culture

An initiative of people who strive for a life without violence and hatred.

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