What keeps TikTok ticking?

  • Proč a jak tiká TikTok
  • JSNS
  • Česká republika
  • 2023
  • 7 min.
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  • 12—21 let
Audio-visual lessons

Lesson objectives

  1. To understand what data TikTok collects about users and what the biggest risks of data collection are  
  2. To learn more about the causes of TikTok's social network addictiveness  
  3. To take a critical approach to drawing information from social networks 

Short spectacular videos full of perfect figures and impressive dance creations. That is TikTok, currently the most popular social network among the teenage generation. Three billion people on the planet have already installed it. In Czechia, two million people have it on their phones. Everywhere outside China, in which the „educational” version of the app works, clever algorithms also offer a series of disturbing videos encouraging self-harm or dangerous experiments. We are paying China, which programmed the popular network and sent it around the world, a high price for its use. The app collects our contacts, stores our fingerprints and all our passwords which gives it a perfect overview of our entire digital life. Therefore, many countries have decided to restrict TikTok on a government level as it poses a major security risk. „What do I want the Chinese government to know about me” is a question everyone should ask themselves before downloading this addictive app onto their phones. 


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