About the media: What makes news, news?

  • What Makes News News
  • Sarah Larsen
  • Austrálie
  • 2018
  • 13 min.
  • titulky
  • 13—21 let
Audio-visual lessons

Lesson objectives

  1. To approach media critically
  2. To raise awareness of values that determine how news is chosen by media 
  3. To explore what consequences this bias might mean for how we experience the world 

Have you ever wondered what makes news, news? We look at the news values that determine which stories we see and hear about and which ones we don't and how those new values can subtly shape the way we see the world.

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Recommended age group

13—21 years

Thematic area

Výuka jazyků


Výuka angličtiny / English

Teaching materials

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News values

Activity / / B1+ / 4ř + 45 min

Students will: 

  • Talk about their own experience with news
  • Critically think about what influences the news to become news
  • Get acquainted with some of the news values

Questions and Answers

Informational texts

  • News coverage
  • Principles of journalism
  • Media and objectivity
  • Alternative media


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Informational texts

  • Why is it important to reflect on emotions?
  • Basic methods of reflection
  • From reflection to discussion

Teaching with documentaries: Methodological handbook

Handbook containing a collection of comprehensive activities designed for teaching with documentaries, along with the OWIS theoretical framework for English lessons.

English activities for teaching with documentaries

Informational texts

A set of activities generally applicable to working with film in English classes

Accompanying and recommended materials

5 key questions of media literacy - How to ask?

Analyze a media message using the 5 key questions.

Types of internet users

Read about different types of users of the internet.

Journalism standards

Short video by CIVIX representing journalism standars.

Czech media rating

An independent evaluation of the credibility of the Czech media (in Czech).

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