First Down

  • First Down
  • Carrie Stett
  • Spojené státy
  • 2022
  • 12 min.
Audio-visual lessons

Lesson objectives

  1. To understand the benefits a team activity can bring to people’s lives
  2. To reflect on the role of sport in our lives
  3. To recognise the importance of enjoying what we do without feeling pressured to win or perform

Coach Crys Sacco leads his charges in American football to score goals, win championships, and, most importantly, play as a team. He wants the players to support each other and forget their problems at home for a while. “We all have different backgrounds, different stories, but when we get together on the field, we are all the same. We wanna play football, make big things,” says Liz, captain of the first all-girl team in American football. Her father is addicted to alcohol, and when he is drunk he is often aggressive. The football team is a refuge for her and gives her a chance to vent her pent-up emotions. It’s the same for Giselle, for whom the team represents the first time when being overweight is a real advantage. JD, a guard, is plagued by anxiety and depression stemming from gender identity issues. So the girls play out their daily struggles together on the field and in their private lives.


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Teaching materials

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The power of teamwork A2/B1

Activity / A2/B1 / 45+ mins

Students will:

  • understand the benefits a team activity can bring to people’s lives
  • reflect on what role sports plays in their own lives
  • reflect on what activities already help them relax and feel connected to others

The power of teamwork B1/B2

Activity / B1/B2 / 45+ mins

Students will:

  • understand the benefits a team activity can bring to people’s lives
  • reflect on their own needs for being accepted and for a sense of belonging
  • explore their ability to be compassionate with regard to other people’s hardship

Questions and answers

Informational texts

  • American vs. European football
  • first girls' league of American football
  • American football and rugby in the Czech Republic
  • PTSD and body shaming
  • transgender people and the transition process
  • foster care, adoption, and guardianship
  • legislation regarding children within same-sex partnerships

UPDATED: How to reflect on emotions after the film screening

Informational texts

  • Why is it important to reflect on emotions?
  • Basic methods of reflection
  • From reflection to discussion

Jak pracovat s audiovizuálními materiály

  • instruktážní film
  • rady a doporučení
  • manuál
  • obecné aktivity

Teaching with documentaries: Methodological handbook

Handbook containing a collection of comprehensive activities designed for teaching with documentaries, along with the OWIS theoretical framework for English lessons.

English activities for teaching with documentaries

Informational texts

A set of activities generally applicable to working with film in English classes

Accompanying and recommended materials

First Down film

Official website of the film

Utah Girls Tacke Football

Website of the Utah team

Women in sport

Organisation attempting to break down stubborn gender inequalities within the sports sector and beyond

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