• Hiphop-erace
  • Bryn Evans
  • Nový Zéland
  • 2014
  • 57 min.
  • titulky
  • 14—21 let
Audio-visual lessons

Lesson objectives

  1. Realize the possibility for mutual enrichment of generations.
  2. Think about the life conditions of senior citizens in our country.
  3. Think about a positive attitude towards life at any age.

Can a dance troupe of senior citizens with an average age of nearly 90 take part in a hip hop competition? The film documents their journey through time until their performance at Hip Hop International championship in Las Vegas. They are full of elan and optimism and, thanks to this attitude, they overcome several obstacles and prove that age is just a number. Led by their exuberant manager Billie Jordan, they learn to throw away their wheelchairs and walking sticks and push their bodies and artificial joints to the limits of old age. “You’re all going …even if it’s in an urn,” Billie tells them.


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Recommended age group

14—21 years

Thematic area

Výuka jazyků


Angličtina / English

Teaching materials

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Age is just a number

Activity / B1+ / 90 min

Students will: 

  • Practise writing a short text
  • Brainstorm and discuss their ideas
  • Think about stereotypes we have about old people and realize they can be wrong

Hip Hop-eration for ESL Teaching

Activity / B2+ / 90 min

Students will:

  • Listen for specific and general information
  • Gain knowledge about an English-speaking country and focus on the specifics of pronunciation
  • Form opinions while reflecting the film and learn to accept opinions of others

Questions and Answers

Informational texts

  • aging and society
  • opportunities of senior citizens in the Czech Republic
  • old age definition

Jak na reflexi emocí po filmové projekci

Informational texts

  • proč je důležité pracovat s emocemi, které film v žácích vyvolal
  • základní metody reflexe: Jedno slovo, I.N.S.E.R.T., Pětilístek

Jak pracovat s audiovizuálními materiály

  • instruktážní film
  • rady a doporučení
  • manuál
  • obecné aktivity

Accompanying and recommended materials

The official Hiphoperation website

Website in English where you can find some interesting facts about the film

Zpřístupnění filmů žákům


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