Cizojazyčné lekce

1989: From the diary of Ivana A.

2014 / 42 min. / titulky

The subject of the film is the authentic diary of 18-year old Ivana A., who uses the personable perspective of a high school student to reflect on a year of the existence of Communist Czechoslovakia.

Giraffe in the Rain

2007 / 12 min. / titulky

One day giraffe finds out that the local dictator disconnected the water pipes. Right after she revolts against the unfair act, she is expelled from her homeland.


2014 / 57 min. / titulky

Can a dance troupe of senior citizens with an average age of nearly 90 take part in a hip hop competition? The film documents their journey through time until their performance at Hip Hop International championship in Las Vegas.

Joe's Violin

2016 / 24 min.

Joseph Feingold was born into a musical family where having an ear for music and knowing how to play an instrument played a significant role. For him, the most important musical instrument was always the violin.

Just Eat It (English)

2014 / 33 min.

Jenny and Grant are filmmakers who do not fancy the Western attitude towards food. They come up with a project in which they point out the seriousness of food waste.

Lotte - ein Herz für Obdachlose

2011 / 15 min.

Lotte fasst einen Plan. Mithilfe von zwei Freunden möchte sie Essen für Obdachlose kochen.

Meatrix (Deutsch)

2003 / 4 min.

Wissen sie, was Meatrix ist? Das ist eine landläufige Lüge über die Fleischherkunft, die wir glauben.

Meatrix (English)

2003 / 4 min.

Do you know what the Meatrix is? It is the generally spread lie about the origin of meat, which we believe in.

The Bristol Bike Project

2009 / 18 min.

There are as many as 400 asylum seekers currently living in Bristol. They each get just 35 pounds a week from the government, which is only just enough for them to buy a cheap meal. They cannot use city transport, as it is too expensive for them, which means they generally get around on foot. But since 2008 this is no longer the case, thanks to the group of enthusiastic people that launched a unique project.

Trolling America

2018 / 12 min.

This short documentary aims to explore the centre of fake news. It also depicts real causes connected to fake news because of the power of social media and warns about elections in 2020.